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During the 2010 Municipal Election Campaign
  • Question to Mayoral Candidates re: Library (submitted by A. Neufeldt-Fast)
    • Video response at all-candidates meeting re: Library and becoming a "smarter town" (incl. response from Mayor Wayne Emmerson -- he proposes per capita funding)

      Libraries are not only for leisure, but also for research. Check out some historical articles on library funding when the 1923 Carnegie Library was built!
      • "The New Library," March 9, 1922; 
        • "...the annual tax for library purposes is fixed by Ontario law at Fifty Cents per head of the population. The village council may by a majority vote grant seventy-five cents for library purposes but no more." (avg. wage in 1920 was $1038/yr)
      • "The Public Library," Mar 16, 1922
        • Then the library will be a great advantage educationally ... Then what an advantage it is to have such a comfortable building to which anyone can go and have a quiet read or get information on any subject ... . The boys and girls will be gathered in off the street and regularly given their story hour ... proving to be of great advantage to them intellectually and morally. Furthermore it is hoped to have the basement of the new building fitted up as a recreation room where the young folk can under proper voluntary supervision have that opportunity for gymnastic exercises, and games of various kinds or club meetings which they now lack."
      • "Council Provides Library Maintenance," Nov. 2, 1922;
      • "Annual Report for the Carnegie Library, 1923," Feb 14, 1924.
        • Operating budget: $1100.47 (municipal $525; provincial $240; county $240)
        • 5495 books; 
        • "The new library building which was just occupied during 1923 is valued at $6850 and the furniture and land at $750."
      • "Nearly 500 Subscribers enjoy library privileges here," Jan. 23, 1947.
        • 7236 books;"During the war years, new books were next to impossible to obtain, but 175 new editions added in 1946."
        • Library open Tues, Thur, and Sat afternoons and evenings