Download Flyer / Petition

Download the W-S Public Library Petition (click), the one page Summary (click), the two page Information Flyer (click) or the Comparative Statistics Sheet. Take these to your book club, to work, to soccer practice, to the GO-Station and get as many people from our community to support this as possible. (Make sure each signed page has the actual petition printed at the top.)

Keep us informed. When you're done, email us ( and we will pick the sheets up, OR drop them off /mail to: 
     Dr. Arnold Neufeldt-Fast, W-S Library Petition Coordinator, 
     672 Millard St.,
     Stouffville, ON L4A 0B2

Update July 13: Thanks to Joan and her book club! They distributed 80 flyers at the Country Market (east/west lot); 160 at Walmart; 200 at the Sandiford Parking lot for the soccer fields behind Teva, and 260 at the GO-Station!

Update July 2 (Strawberry Festival): 231 residents signed the petition at the Stouffville Strawberry Festival. Thanks to Stouffville Free Press, Reesor Farm Market, Stouffville Presbyterian Church, and Community Mennonite Church for hosting information /the petition and supporting the effort.

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